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Palm skinning

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find an affordable palm-tree care services company in the Dallas, Texas area that you can truly rely on and trust. Many don’t have the right tools, or they charge far too much to trim up your palm trees. While those other palm companies leave a lot to be desired, Polo Landscapes has the equipment and the expertise to trim up your palm trees quickly at a price that’s affordable.

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General tree trimming

When people think of beautiful Texas desert communities, they think of beautiful palm trees blowing in the warm air. They don’t think about the maintenance it takes to make your palm trees look beautiful. There’s no doubt that palm trees increase your homes curb appeal, but only if they are trimmed and healthy.

Well cared for Palm Trees are an attractive addition to your home. Proper pruning techniques are essential for the development of strong structure and desirable form. Palm trees that are poorly maintained can be a significant liability, and improper pruning can cause long lasting damage.​