Polo Landscapes, Dallas, Texas

Irrigation System

Sprinkle repair

POLO LANDSCAPE has trained specialists who will examine your automatic system from top to bottom to locate and fix all your irrigation system problems. Irrigation leaks can’t hide from us; we won’t stop until we find a solution for every irrigation problem. Hot, dry summers and sudden winter freezes will wear out and damage your irrigation system. Valves, PVC piping, sprinkler heads and other components can break and crack, leaking water into your yard and causing problems with your irrigation. Leaks and other issues with your irrigation system can cause damage to your lawn, plants, and property.

⦿ Sprinkler Repair
⦿ Valve Replacement
⦿ PVC Replacement
⦿ Water Leak Repair
⦿ Timer Setup or Replacement

French drain

French drains are mostly used to prevent groundwater and surface water from damaging building foundations. Also, these drains can relieve groundwater pressure behind retaining walls. Choose Polo Landscapes for exceptional French drain installation services..

French Drain Benefits:

⦿Removes extra moisture

⦿Supplies another option for water drainage

⦿Cost-efficient option that works

⦿Speedy installations

irrigation system

POLO LANDSCAPES understands the delicate balance of watering in the Dallas, Texas area desert climate. We are experts at installing water-efficient irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems.  Our irrigation installers use the latest technology for water conservation, while providing self automated systems for proper watering to make sure your beautiful landscape prospers. A well-designed irrigation system will give your plants a sufficient amount of water without waste. This isn’t limited to just your lawn sprinklers. A full irrigation system includes watering of trees, shrubs, plants and turf.

Irrigation inspection

When was the last time you had your irrigation system inspected? Irrigation leaks and failures can result in high water bills and costly damage to your property. If you’re in the process of purchasing a home with a sprinkler system, reach out to Polo Landscapes Inspection Service. Having the system inspected at the same time as the home by an inspector experienced with irrigation systems can help prevent major repair or replacement costs in the future.

Irrigation Inspection Service Includes:

  • Adjust cycle times for weather changes
  • Walk the entire system and check all of the heads for proper coverage
  • Check for sprinkler system failures or malfunctions
  • Look for overly dry or wet spots in the lawn and landscaping
  • Unclog rotating heads or nozzles as needed
  • Recap the system and make recommendations to repair or enhance the system