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Landscaping Service

You have wonderful ideas for your outdoor landscaping. You also have a budget to keep to. Polo Landscapes will bring both together to create outdoor spaces your cherish and enjoy. Once we figure out your budget, we do an onsite estimate to review the area intended for the design and discuss landscape options, such as the addition of pavers, concrete work, sod or artificial turf installation and additional vegetation installation. At the same time, we’ll give you cost estimate on a landscape maintenance plan for the upkeep of your newly designed yard. Polos Landscapes has years of experience installing sod, young and mature palm trees and other trees, and artificials turf.

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Clean Up Service

Spring in the Dallas, Texas area is notoriously unpredictable when it comes to weather conditions that can affect your lawn. A good clean up program can help you be ready for the changing conditions to come. Polo Landscapes can help you with:

⦿ Trash removal
⦿ Weed treatment
⦿ Irrigation inspection
⦿ Trimming

⦿ Composting
⦿ Seeding
⦿ Fencing
⦿ Clearing pathways
⦿ Edging

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Lawn Care Service

Polo Landscapes weekly lawn mowing service consists of mowing the lawn with professional equipment, trimming around trees other obstacles, and edging near sidewalks and curbs as needed. We keep things tidy, using blowers and brooms to clear sidewalks, drives and patio of clippings. We’re mowing experts, cutting to optimal heights for water and seasonal considerations. We change mowing direction to keep your lawn from laying flat. Let us do the work while you enjoy your lawn!

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Irrigation System

Polos Landscape understands the delicate balance of watering in the Dallas, Texas area desert climate. We are experts at installing water-efficient irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems.  Our irrigation installers use the latest technology for water conservation, while providing self automated systems for proper watering to make sure your beautiful landscape prospers. A well-designed irrigation system will give your plants a sufficient amount of water without waste. This isn’t limited to just your lawn sprinklers. A full irrigation system includes watering of trees, shrubs, plants and turf.

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House Cleaning Service

Our General House Cleaning is our most in-demand service for Texas homes and apartments from University Park, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Oak Cliff, Plano, Lakewood, Duncanville, Allison, Richardson and areas in between. Life gets overwhelmingly busy. Give Polo Landscape a call for help with cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more. You can choose how frequently we show up. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. Polo Landscape will have your place sparkling so that you can get on with the rest of life’s busy list!