Polo Landscapes, Dallas, Texas

Lawn Care Service

Yard maintenance

Did you rake up all of your leaves last fall in Texas ? Or was there a tree or two that didn’t let go of their leaves until late winter? Whatever the reason, winter storms can bring down limbs and leaves. Get your yard cleaned from all the winter debris or keep those falling leaves under control… Polo Landscape will help you, Building a healthy, beautiful lawn and garden isn’t rocket science, but it takes time, patience, and the right information. We asked our top lawn and garden experts to turn your lawn and garden into a high-beauty, low-maintenance haven.

Lawn Mowing

Polo Landscape weekly lawn mowing service consists of mowing the lawn with professional equipment, trimming around trees other obstacles, and edging near sidewalks and curbs as needed. We keep things tidy, using blowers and brooms to clear sidewalks, drives and patio of clippings. We’re mowing experts, cutting to optimal heights for water and seasonal considerations. We change mowing direction to keep your lawn from laying flat. Let us do the work while you enjoy your lawn! Enjoy your weekends! Give Polo Landscape a call to take care of all your lawn and garden maintenance needs!

Irrigation and timer control

Today’s irrigation system controls make life easier but can also take some time to understand. Irrigation controllers are used to operate automatic lawn irrigation (sprinkler) systems. Irrigation controllers turn your sprinkler system on and off automatically at times you select. Having the right controller (with properly scheduled water) can help save you money while also cutting down on water waste. To program a traditional controller, the user needs to set the time and date and indicate the days and times certain zones should run. “Smart” controllers fully automated irrigation system watering schedules by computing optimal runtime based on types of heads used in zones, the type of soil in the zones, external weather data, and other information.

Bush and tree trimming

Trimming and pruning is a necessary part of encouraging vigorous and healthy growth for any tree or shrub. While trimming keeps your shrubs looking great and their growth controlled, pruning prevents weak spots, disease , tree rub and dead growth.

Weed Removal

Keep your home free of weeds, minus the hassle, by hiring the experts at Polos Landscape. We provide exemplary lawn weed control services in University Park, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Oak Cliff, Plano, Lakewood, Duncanville, Allison, Richardson and more in Texas. The longer you wait to control weeds, the bigger the problem becomes. Don’t delay weed removal. Schedule for our weed control services to prevent the spread of weed seeds. Controlling weeds in sensitive landscape beds is easier when the bed is well prepared and the planting is well planned. Weed management in landscape plantings is a complex task.